A gift of Spring

The delicate saskatoon bushes are in full bloom today as the morning sun pushes its warmth over the mountain behind us. This flood of light suddenly celebrates individual trees that would otherwise simply blend into the conifer population.

The mountain beyond cradles its happy morning clouds within its valley… and just in case we might miss the magnitude of such spiritual joy, Love doubles the revelation in the mirror-lake below!

Oneness is dawning here, sacred light and pure reflection invite us to join the eager earth in waking to the newness and goodness of Life.

Which came first?

People view the tulips quietly, individually. There were vast crowds present at this popular Dutch garden yet it was easy to find the physical and mental space to be refreshed with the inspiration and power of this beauty.

Which came first in the order of creation? Beauty? Or the tulip…

An interesting question to answer for oneself.