These continue to be challenging times. 

I am so glad you are here. The good news is that there is divine help at hand. 

Even if you don’t see or feel it right now, there is one forever relationship in your life that is rock solid, steady, loving, intelligent and able to provide for every human need. We can experience better health, harmony and peace. This divine relationship heals! 

Your divine Parent knows and loves you beyond measure and preserves your precious spiritual identity and unique individuality always. Nothing in heaven or on earth can change this deep love and permanent bond.

Isolation or physical distancing are not even possible in this divine relationship!

Are you wanting to experience more of this transforming and healing power of divine Love in your life? 

Relationships, employment, mental and physical health are each benefitted through this conscious relationship with God, Love.  

As an accredited Christian Science practitioner I can provide Christian Science treatment or support your study, healing, and practice.  I am so happy to help!

Our initial conversation is complementary. 

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Can you tell me more? What is Christian Science?

Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) is the discoverer and founder of Christian Science and was no stranger to life challenges. She was also an avid student of the Bible and Christ Jesus teachings. Eddy was particularly inspired by Jesus healing work and by other accounts of healing in the Bible. After experiencing her own healing from a life threatening injury from a fall in the winter of 1866 through turning wholeheartedly to her divine Parent and her Bible for inspiration, Eddy set out to discover the spiritual laws or Truth underlying the Christ-inspired healings, including her own.

Eddy became an accomplished Christian healer, author, teacher, spiritual leader, thinker and reformer. Her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures was first published in 1875 and is the complete and practical textbook of Christian Science. It explains the Scientific spiritual laws that are the foundation of Christ Jesus healing and teaching and his relationship with God. It is a timeless healing resource for everyone.

My own experience

Through my study and practice of this divine system of healing I have experienced protection, guidance and found more consistent physical and emotional health.

In my life I have experienced freedom from colds, flu, acute pain in my knees, a frozen shoulder, migraine headaches, food poisoning and had quick healing of burns. I was also released from a sadness I was not previously aware of and overcame discouragement and a sense of hopelessness that threatened to overwhelm me- all through deepening my understanding of this unbroken relationship with God, the governing Principle of my life and my forever loving Parent.

My family and I have also been led to suitable housing and employment and protected from harm in so many instances it is hard to count.

As a mother I discovered an inherent inner spiritual strength and was able to demonstrate more patience and trust in God while raising our children. As a musician and teacher I discovered the secret of an inspirational performance and found joy in teaching music and art.

Our family pets also received the practical benefit of my spiritual growth through the practice of Christian Science- for example our dog was freed from 2 years of diagnosed chronic pain in his neck through prayer, and healed of a seizure within 15 minutes that never recurred during his lifetime; the pet rabbits also benefited from prayer treatments in solving many dietary related concerns; our cats also experienced protection and many healings. At times I would take animals to the vet for help, but mostly I relied on prayer for guidance and healing.

I have always been grateful for timely veterinary care and for medical help as needed. My husband also worked as a family doctor for over 35 years but I found that I rarely needed these services after I took up the daily study and practice of Christian Science.

For the past 15 years I have helped others experience more physical and mental freedom through the practice of this wonderful gift to humanity- called divine Science, the Science of Christ, or Christian Science.

Many people have experienced better health, more harmonious relationships, found creative solutions to personal or business problems, lead more focused and productive business meetings. Individuals like yourself have secured employment and suitable housing as well as experienced a greater sense of wellbeing and purpose.

Your relationship with God, your forever divine Parent, can absolutely bless you!

Are you ready to explore and experience more of this perfect Love in your life?

As an accredited Christian Science practitioner I can provide Christian Science treatment and/or support your study and practice through sharing healing ideas with you. I am so happy to help!

Our first conversation is free.

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