Who is Mary Baker Eddy?

Who is Mary Baker Eddy? Where did she live? Against all the odds and restrictions on women in the 19th century how did she come to discover Christian Science, recover from chronic illness, poverty, and go on to write a best-selling book that has healed countless individuals and helped change the world?

This is a historical and inspirational 30 minute lunch-hour talk about Mary Baker Eddy given by Chet Manchester and videoed at the Lynn Massachusetts Historical Society Museum in 2016- on the 150 year anniversary of her discovery of Christian Science. (Full length is 49 minutes including the interesting question/answer period)

Perhaps grab some lunch or take a break and discover something new about the life and accomplishments of this remarkable woman.



Welcome to the first day of my new website on the internet.

I am so grateful for all the help I have had along the way. The prayers, the inspiration, the wonderful technical support from the “Happiness Engineeers” at WordPress, and the one day course at Okanagan College that taught me how to create and manage my own site.

This website should continue to evolve and grow as it plays its part in uplifting and healing in the world.

I will share inspiration and photos here regularly.

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