An A-1 Humanity Scanner

View from my departing plane at Boston’s Logan Airport

I had an awesome experience while standing in the crowded airport security line at Boston’s Logan airport.  As I waited this question simply popped into my mind,

“What do you think we are really being screened for here? Is it simply to find harmful objects or potential terrorists? …Or, are we actually each being checked for our humanity!”

This surprised me but the idea somehow felt right. It made total sense to be checked for essential human qualities before flying together in an airplane- to be looking for the evidence of respect, patience, care, compassion, intelligence, honesty, peace, harmony and of course careful packing.  In essence the airport screening process was designed to ensure that everyone who boarded a plane carried the essential “golden rule” with them, namely, a respect and mutual care for both themselves and their fellow travellers, including airline and security personnel and airport staff, basically to treat others as they would expect to be treated.

This idea made me smile, and I could honestly see all around me the universal principle or “golden rule” operating. There were families lovingly helping each other, thoughtfully dressed individuals traveling for business, to conferences, or for education; colourfully dressed artists, and vacation goers patiently waiting their turn. It was a beautiful cross-section of humanity that surrounded me. And I knew that only pure qualities of humanity would be let though the check point. Any blatant abuse, wrong intent or “poor packing” would be detected and never pass the tests and screening.

This spiritual view and practical reasoning changed the airport security experience for me.

A woman in front of me turned around and told me she used to be afraid of flying but had recently realized it was the lineups and security she actually feared. We spoke for a minute or two and shared a chuckle together. She seemed relaxed and happy. All I could think of as we removed our shoes before going through the scanner was that we were standing together on some amazing Holy ground.

People continued to wait patiently to pass through the Boston airport “Humanity Scanner” and everything proceeded smoothly and on time the rest of the way home.

I am grateful for this fresh and uplifted view of airport security, it has made the  experience much more inviting, harmonious, and even fun.

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