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Seek and You Shall Find


Seeking and finding are basic to fulfillment and progress. We cannot earnestly seek anything without finding something. This mama racoon seeks food and yes she found it too!  Honest and persistent seeking will always bring a finding for they are one- a fundamental rule of human progress.

“Seek and Ye Shall Find” is actually a universal and time-tested principle.

In Jeffrey Moses book Oneness: Great Principles Shared by All Religions the author includes an expanding list of 64 principles or teachings he has discovered to be shared by all religions. Using direct citations from the various sacred texts we can see the common thread of divine Principle and the unity that already exists within world religions.  Practicing these principles is a key to human progress and healing.

We can do much to help ourselves and humanity by learning of and beginning to live these ageless teachings together, no matter the religion… or no religion.

In this ongoing blog I will feature and expand the idea of God as the one divine Principle or creator and feature the 64 universal teachings or principles shared by the world religions.

I will also share a photograph from the gallery of my work.

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Welcome to the first day of my new website on the internet.

I am so grateful for all the help I have had along the way. The prayers, the inspiration, the wonderful technical support from the “Happiness Engineeers” at WordPress, and the one day course at Okanagan College that taught me how to create and manage my own site.

This website should continue to evolve and grow as it plays its part in uplifting and healing in the world.

I will share inspiration and photos here regularly.

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